Tawny Owl

About the Tawny Owl
Also known as: Brown Owl

The Tawny Owl is a medium-sized species of owl found in parts of Eurasia. It prefers a woodland habitat and is non-migratory throughout its range.

The Tawny Owl is also known as the Brown Owl. This pretty owl is recognized by its tawny brown striped body, large round head lacking ear tufts, and big brown eyes. 

Primarily nocturnal, Tawny Owls hunt at night using their excellent night vision and hearing to locate prey. Their diet mainly consists of small mammals, insects, and occasionally small birds. During breeding season, which begins in early spring, Tawny Owls are known for their loud and eerie calls used to attract mates and ward off intruders.

Due to their adaptability to various environments, including human-altered landscapes, Tawny Owls are currently not considered endangered. However, they still face threats from habitat loss and collisions with vehicles in more urban settings.

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