Tanimbar Corella

About the Tanimbar Corella
Also known as: Goffin's Cockatoo, Tanimbar Cockatoo
Tanimbar Corella

The Tanimbar Corella, also known as the Goffin's Cockatoo, is a parrot species endemic to the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia. This charming bird has also been introduced to the Kai Islands in Indonesia, as well as far-flung locales like Puerto Rico and Singapore.

With a predominantly white plumage accented by touches of salmon-pink around the eyes and beak, the Tanimbar Corella is a visual delight. Its intelligent and inquisitive nature, coupled with a playful disposition, makes it a favorite among bird enthusiasts. These corellas are relatively small for cockatoos, making them stand out with their compact and endearing size.

In their natural habitat, Tanimbar Corellas thrive in forested areas, where they can be seen foraging for seeds, nuts, and fruits. While not currently listed as endangered, the species faces threats from habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. In their native Indonesian islands, deforestation and changes in land use have led to habitat loss, which is a significant concern for their survival in the wild.

Additionally, their appeal as pets has led to over-exploitation through illegal trapping and trading. Efforts to protect their natural habitats and enforce regulations against illegal trade are crucial for ensuring the Tanimbar Corella's continued survival and well-being in their indigenous environment and introduced regions. 

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