Golden-winged Parakeet

About the Golden-winged Parakeet

Adorned with a predominantly green plumage, the Golden-winged Parakeet gets its name from the striking golden-yellow feathers on its wings. This beautiful coloration is complemented by an orange beak, making it a standout among the lush greenery. These delightful birds are typically seen indulging in a diet of flowers, fruits, seeds, and berries, showcasing their adaptable foraging skills. The Golden-winged Parakeet lives in subtropical forests across South America, in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. 

Golden-winged Parakeets often form close-knit groups, creating a lively atmosphere with their chirps and chatter. They make their homes in the hollow limbs of trees, where they nest and raise their young, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem of their forest homes.

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