Barn Owl

About the Barn Owl
Also known as: Common Barn Owl, White Owl, Silver Owl, Demon Owl, Ghost Owl, Death Owl, Night Owl, Rat Owl, Monkey-faced Owl, Church Owl, Cave Owl or Stone Owl. Golden Owl, Hissing Owl, Screech Owl
Barn Owl

The Barn Owl is one of the most widely distributed owl in the world and one of the most widespread of all birds. It can be found in the Americas, from Europe to Asia, almost all of Africa and Australia.

The Barn Owl is a pale, long-winged, long-legged owl with a short tail. It can be found in open country, such as farmland or grassland. It hunts by flying low and slowly over an area of open ground, hovering over spots that concel potential prey.

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