Great Grey Owl

About the Great Grey Owl
Also known as: Lapland Owl

The Great Grey Owl, known for its impressive size and piercing yellow eyes, is a striking figure in the avian world. It possesses a large, rounded head with a distinctive facial disc that enhances its hearing, allowing it to detect prey beneath thick snow cover. Despite its name, the Great Grey Owl is not the heaviest owl species, but it boasts one of the largest head and face sizes among owls. Its plumage is a soft, dense mix of gray with patterns that resemble bark or lichen, providing excellent camouflage in its woodland habitat.

This owl's diet primarily consists of small rodents, particularly voles, which it hunts using its exceptional hearing and silent flight. Its hunting strategy involves listening from a perch before swooping down to snatch prey from beneath the snow or vegetation, demonstrating remarkable precision.

Found in the boreal forests across the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe and Asia, the Great Grey Owl favors dense woodlands interspersed with clearings. These environments provide both the cover and the open hunting grounds necessary for their survival. Conservation efforts are crucial for maintaining their habitat, especially as these areas face increasing threats from logging and climate change.

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