Eastern Screech-Owl

About the Eastern Screech-Owl
Also known as: Common Screech-owl, Screech Owl

The Eastern Screech Owl, a small yet proficient predator, is easily recognized by its stocky body and ear tufts. Typically about 6 to 10 inches tall, its feathers range in color from gray to red-brown, blending seamlessly with the bark of trees. This camouflage is crucial for evading predators and stealthily hunting prey.

Active mainly at night, Eastern Screech Owls have an impressive hunting technique. They remain nearly motionless on a perch and then pounce on small mammals and insects. Their sharp talons and beak make quick work of their catch. During the day, they roost in tree cavities, which also serve as their nesting sites.

You'll find these owls throughout eastern North America, from Canada to Mexico. They thrive in a variety of wooded environments, including suburban parks, which provides ample tree cover and food sources. Adaptability to human presence has helped them maintain stable populations despite ongoing habitat loss.

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