Eastern Rosella

About the Eastern Rosella
Also known as: White-cheeked Rosella

The Eastern Rosella is a vividly colored parrot native to southeastern Australia and Tasmania. Known for their striking appearance, these birds boast a kaleidoscope of colors: their head is bright red, transitioning to a yellow belly, with a pattern of black and golden-yellow on the back. The wings exhibit shades of blue and green, and their cheeks contain white patches, making them a spectacular sight.

Eastern Rosellas typically inhabit open forests, gardens, and parks, thriving in areas that offer both trees and open ground. They are often seen grazing on the ground, feeding on a diet of seeds, fruits, buds, and occasionally insects.

In terms of behavior, Eastern Rosellas are known for their warbling and chattering calls. They are somewhat shy and elusive in the wild, preferring to flee rather than interact with humans. Breeding typically involves nesting in tree hollows where the female lays and incubates eggs, while being fed by the male.

These birds are popular in aviculture due to their vibrant plumage and relatively calm demeanor, although they require spacious cages to accommodate their need for flight.

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