Mealy Parrot

About the Mealy Parrot
Also known as: Mealy Amazon, Blue-crowned Amazon, Blue-crowned Parrot

The Mealy Parrot, also known in aviculture as the Mealy Amazon, is a large and striking species of amazon parrot native to the lush forests of Central and South America. With its predominantly green plumage, this bird blends seamlessly into its tropical habitat, yet stands out with distinctive red or maroon-colored eyes encircled by a white ring, adding to its unique charm.

In the wild, Mealy Parrots are known for their sociable nature. They are often observed in gregarious flocks, engaging in lively interactions not only among their kind but also with other parrot species. This communal behavior highlights their adaptability and social inclination.

The Mealy Parrot's demeanor in aviculture echoes its wild temperament. Recognized for being relatively gentle and calm, this species is admired by bird enthusiasts for its amiable qualities. 

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