Dusky Lory

About the Dusky Lory
Also known as: Dusky Lorikeet, Dusk-orange Lory, White-rumped Lory

The Dusky Lory is a vibrant and sociable member of the parrot family, notable for its predominantly dark, dusky-red plumage interspersed with orange on the belly and underwings, and a distinctive yellow streak on the side of the neck. This medium-sized bird, approximately 25 cm in length, is also characterized by its loud and sometimes harsh calls, which can be heard across its habitat.

Native to New Guinea and the surrounding islands, the Dusky Lory favors the dense tropical forests and woodland edges. They are particularly abundant in lower montane regions, but can also be found in mangroves and plantations, showing adaptability to varied environments.

In terms of behavior, Dusky Lories are highly gregarious, often seen in pairs or small flocks. They feed primarily on nectar, pollen, and fruits, using their specialized brush-tipped tongues to extract food. This diet makes them important pollinators in their ecosystem. Their playful and active nature, along with their striking appearance, makes them popular in aviculture, though this has also led to habitat loss and capture for the pet trade pressures.


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