Red-crowned Parakeet

About the Red-crowned Parakeet
Also known as: Rose-fronted Parakeet, Red-fronted Parakeet, kākāriki
Red-crowned Parakeet

The Red-crowned Parakeet is a small species of parrot native to New Zealand. It is also known as the Rose-fronted Parakeet, Red-fronted Parakeet, or by its Māori name: kākāriki.

Red-crowned Parakeets can be recognized by their bright green body plumage, pale beaks, blue outerwing feathers (visible during flight) and bright red feathers at the crown, forehead, and eye-stripe. Females are similar but have yellow at the underwing.

Red-crowned Parakeets were formerly abundant, distributed across both of New Zealand's largest islands. Predation by non-native species threatened the population, which has since stabilized though numbers are still below their historical population.

Red-crowned Parakeets are relatively popular in aviculture. In the pet trade they are commonly called Red-fronted Parakeets.

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