Eastern Towhee

About the Eastern Towhee
Also known as: Rufous-sided Towhee, Red-eyed Towhee, Towhee

The Eastern Towhee is a striking, large sparrow found throughout the eastern United States. This bird is easily recognizable by its striking color palette: males have a black head, back, and chest, with rufous sides and a white belly, while females are a warm brown where the males are black, with the same rufous and white coloring on their sides and belly. Both genders sport bright red eyes, adding to their distinctive look.

Eastern Towhees are ground feeders, often seen scratching at leaf litter with a characteristic two-footed backward hop to uncover seeds, insects, and berries. Their presence is also marked by one of their common calls, a loud "drink-your-tea!", which resonates through their habitats of brushy fields, forest edges, and overgrown backyards.

During breeding season, these towhees are solitary and territorial. They nest on the ground or in low bushes, camouflaged to protect from predators. Despite their vibrant appearance and loud calls, they can be surprisingly hard to spot, blending into the dense underbrush where they live.

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