White-crowned Sparrow

About the White-crowned Sparrow
Also known as: Gambel's Sparrow, Intermediate Crown Sparrow, Nuttall's Sparrow, Puget Sound Sparrow, Western white-crowned Finch

White-crowned Sparrows are medium-sized sparrows that live in North America. They are named for the bright white stripes on their heads, which boldly alternate with black stripes. Their backs are streaked while their breasts are unmarked grey. Males and females look alike.

White-crowned Sparrows breed in far northern parts of Canada and Alaska, down to the United States in parts of the Rockies. They are ground nesters. They winter across much of the United States down into parts of Central America.

White-crowned Sparrows feed by foraging on the ground for insects as well as grains and fruit. They will also scratch at the ground to turn leaves and other debris to find food underneath. Some birdwatchers say that their song sounds like More, more, more cheesies, please!

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