Barred Owl

About the Barred Owl
Also known as: Wood Owl, Striped Owl, Hoot Owl, Eight Hooter, Rain Owl

The Barred Owl is a medium-sized owl known for its distinctive "hooting" call that sounds like "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?" It has a rounded head with no ear tufts and features striking brown eyes, unlike the yellow eyes of most other owls. The owl's plumage is mottled with varying shades of brown and white, which creates a barred pattern on its chest and streaks on its belly, hence its name.

This species is predominantly found in dense woodlands across eastern North America, extending into parts of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Barred Owls favor mature forests with large trees for nesting and roosting, often near water bodies like swamps, rivers, or lakes, which support a rich variety of prey.

Barred Owls are opportunistic hunters, feeding on a wide range of small animals including mice, voles, rabbits, birds, and even amphibians and insects. They hunt mostly at night but are not uncommonly active during the day.

Nesting usually occurs in tree cavities, and these owls often reuse the same site for several years. Unlike many other owl species, Barred Owls are relatively sedentary, staying in their territory year-round unless food scarcity forces them to move.

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