Western Meadowlark

About the Western Meadowlark
Also known as: Arizona Meadowlark, Liliana's Meadowlark, Meadow Starling, Mexican Starling, Oldfield Lark, Rio Grande Meadowlark, Southern Meadowlark, Texas Meadowlark
Western Meadowlark

Western Meadowlarks are medium-sized blackbirds found across much of the western two-thirds of North America. They live in open areas like prairies and grasslands.

Western Meadowlarks were once considered to be the same species as the Eastern Meadowlark. The close resemblance between the species sometimes means the best way to tell them apart is by song. The Western Meadowlark's song is flute-like, while the Eastern Meadowlark sounds more like a whistle.

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