Rusty Blackbird

About the Rusty Blackbird
Also known as: Rusty Grackle, Rusty Crow, Rusty Oriole, Thrush Blackbird

The Rusty Blackbird is a medium-sized species of blackbird. They are found across eastern parts of North America. They breed in northern boreal forests and winter across most of the southeastern United States.

Breeding male Rusty Blackbirds have a completely black plumage. Outside of breeding season, males develop pretty rust-toned edges to their feathers. Female birds are a dullish grey-brown with rust-colored feather edges. Males and females both have pale yellow eyes.

Rusty Blackbirds prefer a wet habitat, breeding around bogs or beaver ponds and other moist habitats. They like water in the winter too, where they are often found around swamps and wet woodlands.

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