European Shag

About the European Shag
Also known as: Common Shag

The European Shag is a medium-sized seabird distinguished by its glossy green-black plumage. Its slender, elongated body and a long, curved neck give it an elegant appearance. The adults boast an eye-catching crest during the breeding season.

The European Shag, or Common Shag, is an adept swimmer, diving underwater to catch fish with its sharp, hooked beak. It is one of the deepest divers in the cormorant family, able to dive to depths of up to 150 feet (45 meters). 

These birds prefer coastal habitats, nesting on cliffs or rocky islands where they can be close to their aquatic hunting grounds. Their nests are made of seaweed and twigs, forming a platform where they lay 3-5 pale blue eggs.

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