About the Kagu
Also known as: Cagou
The Kagu is a long-crested and long-legged bittern- or heron-like bird native to New Caledonia. This is a nearly flightless species that prefers to spend most of its time on or close to the ground.

The Kagu is notable for several reasons. It is the only living species in its genus. It is fairly light in color, with a white to pale gray plumage, for a species that spends much of its time near the ground. It has a long head crest that is virtually invisible when at rest but can fan out around the entire head when erect. The Kagu is also the only species to have small structures covering its nostrils. These are referred to as "nasal corns" and may have evolved to help keep the birds airway clear as it probes the earth when feeding.

The Kagu is endemic to New Caledonia, on the island of Grande Terre, where it is found in forest or shrubland habitat. As carnivores, they feed on worms, snails, lizards, and other small prey items.
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