King Bird-of-paradise

About the King Bird-of-paradise

The King Bird-of-paradise is a small songbird in the Bird-of-paradise family. Males are striking with a bright red body plumage, a white chest lined in black, and bright blue feet. And then there's those long green-tipped tail plumes.

Like most other Birds-of-paradise, this species is found in Papau New Guinea and other nearby islands. Male birds-of-paradise all have outstanding plumage; many perform dances or other mating rituals where they display their special feathers to prospective females. The male King Bird-of-paradise swings his tail, extends its neck feathers, and puffs out his white chest feathers -- all in order to woo mates.

The population trend for this beautiful species is considered to be stable and the King Bird-of-paradise has a conservation status of Least Concern as of July 2013.

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