Mourning Warbler

About the Mourning Warbler

Also known as: Mourning Ground Warbler, Mourning Yellowthroat
The Mourning Warbler is a small species of New World warbler that migrates between breeding grounds in southern parts of Canada and the northeast United States and its winter range in northern South America.

Mourning Warblers have a chunky appearance. Breeding adult males, like our Birdorable version, have a grey hood, dark chest patch, olive back and yellow underparts. Females have a similar color scheme but with more muted tones.

Mourning Warblers prefer forest habitat for breeding, including disturbed forests. They nest near the ground or on the ground, forming an open cup nest made up of vegetation and hair.
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Details & Statistics

Added to Birdorable
Hatched on 21 May 2018
Scientific Name
Geothlypis philadelphia
  • Passeriformes
  • Parulidae
  • Geothlypis
  • G. philadelphia
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
3.9 to 5.9 inches
7.1 inches
.4 to .5 ounces


International Names

Chinese 黑胸地莺
Czech lesňáček šedokápý
Danish Sørgesanger
Dutch Grijskopzanger
Finnish korpikerttuli
French Paruline triste
German Graukopf-Waldsänger
Italian Parula piangente
Japanese ノドグロアメリカムシクイ [nodoguroamerikamushikui]
Norwegian Svartbrystparula
Polish cytrynka czarnopiersna
Portuguese Mariquita-triste
Russian Сероголовый масковый певун
Spanish Reinita Plañidera
Swedish sorgskogssångare
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