Pekin Duck

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The Pekin Duck, a popular breed of domesticated duck, has its origins in China, where it was initially bred from the Mallard. This breed made its way to the United States in 1873 and has since become a familiar and beloved presence in various settings, from farms to households.

Adult Pekin Ducks are known for their white plumage, which gives them a distinguished and elegant appearance. In contrast, Pekin ducklings are adorably clad in bright yellow feathers.

Pekin Ducks have not only been significant in agricultural contexts but have also made a substantial impact in popular culture. Two of the most famous representations of Pekin Ducks are the beloved Disney character Donald Duck and the mascot of the Aflac insurance company. These characters have endeared the Pekin Duck to millions, highlighting the breed's appeal beyond its traditional roles.

In addition to their cultural significance, Pekin Ducks are valued for their temperament and utility. Known for being calm and friendly, they are often favored in domestic settings. They are also appreciated for their egg-laying abilities and are a popular choice for those seeking ducks for egg production. The Pekin Duck's versatility, from its role on farms to its impact in media and entertainment, underscores its enduring popularity and significance.

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