Ruddy Shelduck

About the Ruddy Shelduck

Also known as: Brahiminy Duck, Ruddy Sheldrake
The Ruddy Shelduck is a large species of waterfowl with a native range across much of central Asia, with some isolated populations in Europe and northern Africa. The species has a conservation status of Least Concern; the Asian population is increasing while the European population is in decline.

Ruddy Shelducks are aptly named, having an overall orange-brown (ruddy) body plumage, with a somewhat lighter shade over the head. Black flight feathers and white coverts can be seen in flight and in part while the bird is resting or swimming.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 06 December 2022
Scientific Name
Tadorna ferruginea
  • Anseriformes
  • Anatidae
  • Tadorna
  • T. ferruginea
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Units: Imperial / Metric
19 to 26 inches
47 to 57 inches
34 to 61 ounces


International Names

Chinese (汉语) 赤麻鸭
Czech (Cesky) husice rezavá
Danish (Dansk) Rustand
Dutch (Nederlands) Casarca
Finnish (Suomi) ruostesorsa
French (Français) Tadorne casarca
German (Deutsch) Rostgans
Italian (Italiano) Casarca
Japanese (日本語) アカツクシガモ [akatsukushigamo]
Korean (한국어) 황오리
Norwegian (Norsk) Rustand
Polish (Polski) kazarka rdzawa
Portuguese (Português) pato-casarca
Russian (русский язык) Огарь
Spanish (Español) Tarro Canelo
Swedish (Svenska) rostand
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