Scarlet Tanager

About the Scarlet Tanager

The Scarlet Tanager is a vivid and eye-catching bird found in North America. During the breeding season, males are bright red with jet-black wings and tails, making them easy to spot against the green foliage. Females, however, are olive-yellow with darker wings, providing excellent camouflage.

These tanagers are primarily insectivorous, catching insects mid-air or picking them off leaves and branches. They also enjoy fruit, especially during migration and in their winter habitats. Scarlet Tanagers are known for their slow, deliberate movements, often staying hidden among the leaves.

Their breeding habitat includes deciduous and mixed forests across eastern North America. In winter, they migrate to the tropical forests of northern South America, demonstrating a remarkable long-distance journey. They prefer dense, mature forests for nesting, building their nests high up in the trees.

The Scarlet Tanager faces threats from habitat loss both in their breeding and wintering grounds. Additionally, they are vulnerable to collisions with man-made structures during migration. Conservation efforts focus on preserving large tracts of forest and creating safer migratory pathways.

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