Snowy Plover

About the Snowy Plover

The Snowy Plover is a small wading bird found in parts of North and South America. It is closely related to the Kentish Plover; the two species were once considered the same (and some taxonomic references still consider them so).

Snowy Plovers grow up fast! Baby Snowy Plovers leave their nest scrape within three hours of hatching, though they remain with their parents for shelter and safety. They take their first flight around 30 days after hatching.

Beachfront development negatively impacts Snowy Plover populations, as this species is a dune and beach nesting species. They also face threats from fishing debris (discarded nets and lines) and environmental toxins like pesticides. The species is considered threatened by several states in the U.S., including Oregon, Florida, and Kansas.

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