Swee Waxbill

About the Swee Waxbill
Also known as: Yellow-bellied Waxbill, Green Waxbill, Dufresne's Waxbill, Swee, Black-faced Swee, Yellow-bellied Swee, Angolan Waxbill, Angolan Swee
Swee Waxbill

The Swee Waxbill is a type of finch that lives in parts of southern and eastern Africa. Their preferred habitat is grassland, pastures, or other open landscapes.

Swee Waxbills have grey on the head and chest, with olive feathers on the back and wings. The lovely bicolor beak is black on top and red on the bottom. Males have a black facial mask which the females lack.

These beautiful birds are popular in aviculture. They are known to have a friendly disposition and they can do well in a large aviary. 

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