Allen's Hummingbird

About the Allen's Hummingbird

Allen's Hummingbird is a small and vibrant bird, easily recognizable by its bright orange and green plumage. Males flaunt a shimmering throat patch known as a gorget, which can appear golden or fiery red depending on the light. Females and juveniles are more subdued, with speckled throats and a mix of green and buff on their bodies.

This hummingbird species is particularly notable for its energetic behavior. They are highly territorial and can often be seen chasing away intruders from their feeding areas. During courtship, the male performs a captivating display flight that involves high-speed dives to impress potential mates.

Native to coastal California and parts of Oregon, Allen's Hummingbird prefers scrubby woodlands, gardens, and parks. Their habitat is closely linked to the availability of flowers for nectar and small insects for protein. They are migratory, spending winters in central Mexico and returning to their breeding grounds in the spring.

Allen's Hummingbird faces challenges from habitat loss and climate change, which threaten their migratory patterns and breeding habitat. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensure the survival of this spectacular avian species.

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