Violet Sabrewing

About the Violet Sabrewing
Also known as: De Lattre's Sabrewing

The Violet Sabrewing is a strikingly large hummingbird native to Central America, particularly found from southern Mexico to Panama. Known for its vibrant plumage, the male boasts an iridescent deep violet body, while the female is more subdued with a green upper body and grayish underparts. Both sexes have a characteristic curved black bill, aiding their nectar feeding.

Violet Sabrewings are predominantly forest dwellers, thriving in dense, humid environments like the edges of mountainous rainforests and secondary forests. They are also occasionally spotted in coffee plantations, gardens, and other cultivated areas that mimic their natural habitat.

Behaviorally, these birds are solitary and can be quite aggressive when defending their territory or favorite feeding spots. They are powerful flyers, capable of rapid, direct flight paths.

The name "sabrewing" refers to the shape of their outer primary wing feathers. The feathers have an angled curve. The unique shape, along with the thickness of these feathers, makes them look like a sabre. 

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