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The Andean Flamingo is a remarkable bird known for its pale pink plumage with yellowish legs and a distinctive black triangle on its wings. Standing about 4 feet tall, it is the rarest of flamingo species. Its long, curved beak is adapted for filter-feeding on algae and small aquatic invertebrates.

Found in the high-altitude plateaus of the Andes Mountains in South America, the Andean Flamingo inhabits salt lakes and alkaline lagoons in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. These harsh environments are often over 10,000 feet above sea level, where few other animals can survive.

Andean Flamingos are highly social, forming large colonies. During breeding season, they engage in synchronized courtship displays. They build cone-shaped nests out of mud and lay a single egg, with both parents sharing the duties of incubation and caring for the chick.

The Andean Flamingo is classified as vulnerable due to habitat loss, mining activities, and water extraction, which threaten their breeding and feeding sites. Conservation efforts are crucial for protecting their fragile habitats and ensuring their survival.

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