Bali Mynah

About the Bali Mynah
Also known as: Bali Myna, Bali Starling, Rothschild's Grackle, Rothschild's Myna, Rothschild's Mynah, White Myna
Bali Mynah

The Bali Mynah, or Bali Starling, is a stocky, striking white perching bird. These beautiful birds are named for the island on which they live, Bali, in Indonesia. They are endemic to the island.

Bali Mynahs are critically endangered, due to factors including habitat destruction and the pet trade. The birds are now part of a captive-breeding program, with approximately 1000 birds kept for breeding in zoos and other facilities worldwide.

Bali Mynahs eat insects, seeds, and a variety of fruits. They are a gregarious species, congregating in flocks of 30-60 individuals outside of breeding season.

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