Bald Eagle

About the Bald Eagle
Also known as: American Eagle

The Bald Eagle, with its iconic white head and tail contrasting sharply against its dark brown body and wings, is a powerful symbol of the United States. Adult Bald Eagles are easily recognizable by their bright yellow beaks and intense, piercing eyes. These large raptors typically reach a wingspan of about 6 to 8 feet, showcasing their majestic presence as they soar through the skies.

Bald Eagles are primarily found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting. They are proficient hunters, primarily feeding on fish which they snatch from the water with their strong, sharp talons. They are also known to scavenge carrion and steal prey from other animals, showcasing their opportunistic feeding habits.

These eagles were once endangered due to hunting, habitat destruction, and the detrimental effects of the pesticide DDT. However, through extensive conservation efforts, including legal protection and habitat restoration, the Bald Eagle population has made a remarkable recovery and was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 2007.

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