Long-crested Eagle

About the Long-crested Eagle
Also known as: Long-crested Hawk-Eagle

The Long-crested Eagle, a notable bird of prey, is a relatively small yet impressive species of eagle found throughout parts of sub-Saharan Africa. This eagle is distinguished by its remarkable hunting strategy and striking appearance, making it a fascinating subject in the avian world.

Known for its specialized diet, the Long-crested Eagle primarily feeds on small rodents such as shrews. Unlike some other eagle species that hunt in flight, this eagle prefers to hunt from a perched position, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to strike its prey with precision.

One of the most striking features of the Long-crested Eagle is its appearance. Adults exhibit a dark brown or black plumage, which gives them a majestic and formidable look. The younger birds tend to have a more brownish coloration. However, the most distinctive characteristic of this species is the set of six long feathers at the back of its head, forming an impressive and elegant crest. This crest not only adds to the bird's aesthetic appeal but also serves as the inspiration for its name.

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