Long-billed Dowitcher

About the Long-billed Dowitcher
Also known as: Greater Dowticher, Greater Grayback

The Long-billed Dowitcher, a medium-sized shorebird, is a fascinating species found across North and Central America and the far northeastern regions of Asia. Known for its striking resemblance to the Short-billed Dowitcher, this species presents a delightful challenge to birdwatchers, as distinguishing between the two often requires a keen eye and expertise.

Adapted for life in wetland environments, the Long-billed Dowitcher is equipped with a notably long bill, which it skillfully uses to probe into mud and muck in search of nourishment. Its diet is impressively diverse, encompassing larvae, crustaceans, and small insects, indicative of its adaptability and resourcefulness. During certain times of the year, this bird also supplements its diet with plant material, including mosses and seeds, showcasing its ecological versatility.

In appearance, the Long-billed Dowitcher displays a charming plumage that varies seasonally, with brighter colors during the breeding season and more subdued tones in the non-breeding months.

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