Black Oystercatcher

About the Black Oystercatcher
Also known as: American Black Oystercatcher
Black Oystercatcher

The Black Oystercatcher is a distinctive large-sized shorebird that graces the rocky coastlines of western North America. Recognizable by its striking all-black plumage, this bird is a notable presence along the shores it inhabits.

One of the most eye-catching features of the Black Oystercatcher is its bright orange-red bill, a stark contrast to its dark feathers. Complemented by orange-pink legs, this color combination makes the bird easily identifiable against the backdrop of coastal rocks and waves.

In terms of diet, the Black Oystercatcher is known for its versatility in feeding habits. While its name might suggest a preference for oysters, this bird actually has a broader palate, feeding on a variety of marine invertebrates such as mussels, limpets, and even larger prey like crabs. Black Oystercatchers are often seen probing and hammering at shellfish with their robust bills along rocky shorelines, showcasing their specialized feeding techniques. 

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