Bridled Tern

About the Bridled Tern

The Bridled Tern is a pelagic species of tern found in tropical and subtropical waters. They breed colonially around rocky island shores, using a scraped-out area in dirt or pebbles on the ground. Just one egg is laid during a breeding cycle and both parents care for the egg and chick through its early development.

Adult Bridled Terns in breeding plumage can be recognized by their deeply forked tails, grey upperparts, and black caps. They have long, narrow wings and white patches at the forehead.

Bridled Terns feed on small fish, squid, crustaceans, and other aquatic prey.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 11 December 2020
Scientific Name
Onychoprion anaethetus
  • Charadriiformes
  • Laridae
  • Onychoprion
  • O. anaethetus
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
11.8 to 12.6 inches
30.3 to 31.9 inches


International Names

Brazilian (Português brasileiro) Gaivina-de-dorso-castanho
Chinese (汉语) 褐翅燕鸥
Czech (Cesky) rybák uzdičkový
Danish (Dansk) Brilleterne
Dutch (Nederlands) Brilstern
Finnish (Suomi) ohjasnokitiira
French (Français) Sterne bridée
German (Deutsch) Zügelseeschwalbe
Italian (Italiano) Sterna dalle redini
Japanese (日本語) マミジロアジサシ (mamijiroajisashi)
Korean (한국어) 에위니아제비갈매기
Norwegian (Norsk) Tøyleterne
Polish (Polski) rybitwa brunatnogrzbieta
Portuguese (Português) Gaivina-de-dorso-castanho
Russian (русский язык) Бурокрылая крачка
Spanish (Español) Charrán Embridado
Swedish (Svenska) tygeltärna
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