Chinstrap Penguin

About the Chinstrap Penguin
Also known as: Antarctic Penguin, Bearded Penguin, Ringed Penguin, Stone-cracker
Chinstrap Penguin

The Chinstrap Penguin is a species of penguin that lives in parts of Antarctica and surrounding islands. They measure about two feet tall and are named for the thin black stripe that runs under their chins, which looks like a helmet strap.

Chinstrap Penguins breed in huge colonies, which may number several million individual birds.

Two Chinstrap Penguins named Roy and Silo became famous after forming a same-sex partnership at the Central Park Zoo in New York. Roy and Silo tried to hatch rocks and attempted to steal eggs from other birds in their enclosure. After being given a fertile egg by zookeepers, the male couple successfully hatched and raised a penguin chick to adulthood.

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