Crimson-bellied Parakeet

About the Crimson-bellied Parakeet
Also known as: Crimson-bellied Conure, Rose-bellied Conure, Rose-breasted Conure, Rose-breasted Parakeet

The Crimson-bellied Parakeet, also known as the Crimson-bellied Conure, is a species of parrot found in parts of South America.

Crimson-bellied Parakeets are named for their red bellies. They have a mostly green body plumage, with yellow-green cheeks, blue lower cheeks, and dark barring on the light chest. They have a pronounced white eye-ring.

Crimson-bellied Conures are popular in aviculture. They have a life expectancy of about 15 years in captivity. Their wild population is stable but due to deforestation and other factors, the conservation status for the Crimson-bellied Parakeet is Vulnerable as of October 2014.

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