Crimson Rosella

About the Crimson Rosella
Also known as: Yellow Rosella, Adelaide Rosella, Beautiful Lory, Blue-cheeked Rosella, Campbell Parakeet, Red Lory, Crimson-and-yellow Rosella

The Crimson Rosella is a small species of parrot native to eastern and southeastern parts of Australia. They are found in a variety of altitudes in mountain forest and woodland.

Crimson Rosellas feed on a variety of plant material, including pine seeds, fruit, berries, and flower nectar. They also feed on insects and insect larvae.

The Crimson Rosella has a beautiful, striking plumage. Adutl birds have a mostly red body with pretty black scalloping on the back. The wings, cheeks, and tail are highlighted by bright blue. Juvenile birds have green-olive bodies. The subspecies Yellow Rosella is yellow where the nominate Crimson is red.

The Crimson Rosella is popular in aviculture. There are several color mutations, including blue, white, and cinnamon. Crimson Rosellas enjoy a large natural range and are considered to be common and abundant throughout their range.

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