About the Dollarbird
Also known as: Asian Dollarbird, Dark Roller, Oriental Dollarbird, Oriental Broad-billed Roller
The Dollarbird is a small species related to rollers that is found across a wide range from northeastern China through eastern India, southeast Asia, down to the east coast of Australia.

There are at least 10 recognized subspecies of Dollarbird; the species is known by several other common names, including Australian Roller (a subspecies once considered a separate species); Asian Dollarbird; Dark Roller; and Eastern Broad-billed Roller.

Dollarbirds are named for a light disc shape found on their underwings, visible in flight. They have a dark iridescent body plumage. Adult birds have a bright reddish-orange beak. The sexes are similar in appearance, though females may appear duller.
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