Eurasian Wigeon

About the Eurasian Wigeon
Also known as: Eurasian Widgeon, Wigeon, Widgeon, European Wigeon, European Widgeon

The Eurasian Wigeon is one of three species of wigeons found in the world today. This widespread species breeds in northern parts of Europe and Asia. In the winter the Eurasian Wigeon migrates down to southern Asia and parts of Africa. Vagrant birds end up in parts of North America during most winters.

Eurasian Wigeons are dabbling ducks, which means that they feed by dipping the head under the water to graze on plant material. Breeding males have beautiful chestnut-colored heads with a cream-colored forehead and crown.

The Eurasian Wigeons is also known simply as Wigeon or alternately Widgeon. During the winter these gregarious birds gather in large flocks. 

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