Bar-headed Goose

About the Bar-headed Goose

The Bar-headed Goose is a species of goose native to parts of south and central Asia. The species has been introduced to some areas outside of its natural range, including the Netherlands and other European countries. Because of their unique look, these geese are sometimes kept in captivity, and escapees are frequently reported, notably in places like Florida in the USA and across Great Britain.

This mid-sized goose can be recognized by its orange bill and legs, light grey body, and by its namesake black bars on the back of the head. Bar-headed Geese feed mostly on plant material, including grasses, leaves, roots, and stems. They will also feed on small water animals and insects.

Bar-headed Geese are famous for their high-altitude flight. They migrate between breeding grounds on high altitude lakes and their wintering grounds. They have been recorded flying over the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, which is over 29,000 feet!

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