Snow Goose

About the Snow Goose
Also known as: Blue Goose
The Snow Goose is a large species of waterfowl native to North America. Though legal hunting for Snow Geese was halted in the early 20th century due to declining population, today Snow Goose numbers are increasing, and it is the most abundant waterfowl across North America.

Snow Geese can be recognized by their nearly all-white plumage; they have black wing-tips, pinkish-red feet and legs, and pink bills. A blue color morph of Snow Goose is less common, with the bird having a blueish-grey body plumage (the head is still white).

Snow Geese are known for gathering in huge flocks during the winter and on migration. They eat a mostly plant-based diet, foraging on grasses and other plants, grains, and berries. Young birds may supplement their diets with insects.
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