Golden-collared Macaw

About the Golden-collared Macaw
Also known as: Yellow-collared Macaw

The Golden-collared Macaw, a small but vibrant species of macaw, calls the heart of South America its home. Predominantly found in the Pantanal region of Brazil, this species also graces the landscapes of northern Argentina, northern Paraguay, and a large portion of northern and eastern Bolivia. Additionally, a separate population exists in the far northeastern part of Mato Grosso, as well as southeastern Pará.

The bird features a rich green plumage, which beautifully contrasts with its distinctive golden collar around the neck, lending it both its name and a regal appearance. Inhabiting woodlands and grasslands, these macaws are well-adapted to their environments, often seen traversing through the trees or gracefully flying across open areas. Their social nature is evident in their interactions, often found in pairs or small groups, and their vocalizations contribute to the lively sounds of their habitats.

While the Golden-collared Macaw is currently not classified as endangered, like many wildlife species, it faces challenges due to habitat changes and fragmentation. Conservation efforts to preserve their natural habitats are essential to ensure their populations remain robust and continue to add their colorful presence to the biodiversity of South America.

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The Golden-collared Macaw is a small species of macaw found in central South America, particularly in the Pantanal region of Brazil, northern Argentina, northern Paraguay, and much of northern and eastern Bolivia. There's also a separate population in the northeastern areas of Mato Grosso, southeastern Pará,...  Read more »

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