Golden-crowned Kinglet

About the Golden-crowned Kinglet
Also known as: Fiery-crowned Wren, Golden-crested Wren, Golden-crowned Firecrest, Golden-crowned Goldcrest

The Golden-crowned Kinglet is a tiny, energetic songbird found across North America. It is easily identified by its striking yellow crown bordered by black stripes, with males having an additional orange patch in the center. The rest of its plumage is olive-green above and pale below.

Golden-crowned Kinglets inhabit coniferous forests, often favoring spruce and fir trees. They are incredibly active foragers, flitting through foliage in search of insects and spiders. Despite their small size, they can withstand extremely cold temperatures, thanks to their ability to increase their metabolic rate. Remarkably, kinglets have a resting heart rate of over 600 beats per minute, which doubles to over 1200 beats per minute when the bird is active.

These birds are known for their high-pitched, rapid series of "tsee" notes, which they use to communicate with flock members. During the breeding season, they build small, cup-shaped nests high in conifer trees, using moss, feathers, and spider silk. Females lay 5-11 eggs, which they incubate for about two weeks.

Golden-crowned Kinglets are often seen in mixed-species flocks during the non-breeding season, enhancing their foraging efficiency and protection from predators. 

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