About the 'I'iwi
Also known as: Iiwi, Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper

The I'iwi, a dazzling resident of the Hawaiian Islands, captivates with its bright scarlet feathers, contrasting black wings and tail, and a distinctive long, curved bill ideal for nectar feeding. This Hawaiian finch is not just a pretty sight; it plays a crucial role in pollinating the native ‘ōhi’a trees, especially during its peak breeding season from February to June.

Recent estimates put the I'iwi population around 600,000, with a significant 90% residing on the island of Hawai'i and about 10% on East Maui. Kaua'i, however, tells a different story, with a rapidly declining population. These birds are a crucial part of the island's ecosystem, but they face threats from habitat loss and diseases like avian malaria, which have drastically impacted their numbers.

Today, the I'iwi continues to be a symbol of Hawaii's natural heritage, their vibrant presence a reminder of the islands' rich biodiversity and the ongoing efforts needed to conserve these unique species.

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