Indian Vulture

About the Indian Vulture
Also known as: Long-billed Vulture

The Indian Vulture, a majestic species of Old World vulture, is found predominantly in southeastern Pakistan and across much of the eastern half of India. This large bird plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as a scavenger, contributing significantly to the natural process of recycling nutrients.

Closely related to Griffon Vultures, the Indian Vulture is distinguished by its dark head and pale yellow bill, contrasted with brown-to-buff body plumage. These physical traits, along with its impressive wingspan, make it an imposing sight in the skies of its native regions.

Tragically, the Indian Vulture is currently listed as Critically Endangered, facing a rapidly decreasing population. The primary threat to its survival has been the use of the livestock medication diclofenac, which is toxic to vultures and leads to kidney failure and death when they consume carcasses of treated animals. This situation has prompted urgent conservation efforts, including awareness campaigns and the promotion of safer alternatives to diclofenac.

Conservationists are tirelessly working to reverse the decline of the Indian Vulture through various initiatives. These include breeding programs, habitat protection, and advocating for the use of vulture-safe medications in livestock. The survival of this species is not only critical for maintaining ecological balance but also for preserving the rich natural heritage of the regions it inhabits.

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