Indigo Bunting

About the Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting

The Indigo Bunting is a small seed-eating migratory bird. They are named for the bright blue coloring of the male during breeding season. The males are brown in the off-season, while females are brown year-round.

Indigo Buntings nest in dense shrubs or trees. The female constructs the nest and incubates the eggs on her own.

Indigo Buntings summer across the eastern half of the United States and just into Canada, as well as the American southwest. THey winter in Central America. Their return to their northern breeding grounds is a sign of spring.

Indigo Buntings feed on insects (especially in the summer), seeds and berries. They are a colorful visitor to back yard feeding stations. Their call is said to sound like Fire! Fire! Where? Where? Here! Here! See it? See it?

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