Jocotoco Antpitta

About the Jocotoco Antpitta
Jocotoco Antpitta

The Jocotoco Antpitta is a species of bird endemic to a very small range in South America, between Ecuador and Peru. The species is relatively new to science, having been discovered in 1997 and formally described in 1999.

The name Jocotoco is onomatopoetic, which means that a call that the bird makes sounds like it is saying "joco-toco". The Jocotoco Antpitta has a conservation status of Endangered. The most critical threat it faces is loss of habitat.

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Details & Statistics


The Jocotoco Antpitta is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List and was last assessed in 2012 by BirdLife International. Although the range of this species has been extended considerably recently, it is still only known from five locations, and much of the intervening habitat is likely to be unsuitable. It occurs at a very low density and has highly specific habitat requirements, so it probably has a very small population. Habitat loss is ongoing within its range so it is likely to be declining. For these reasons it is listed as Endangered.

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