About the Kokako
Also known as: Kōkako, Orange-wattled Crow, South Island Kokako, North Island Kokako

The Kōkako, a captivating songbird endemic to the forests of New Zealand, is celebrated for its melodious song and distinctive appearance. This bird is adorned in a sleek dark grey plumage, highlighted by a striking wattle beneath its beak. The North Island subspecies, more commonly observed, is distinguished by its vibrant blue wattle, adding a splash of color to its otherwise muted tones.

Once prevalent across New Zealand, the Kōkako has faced significant challenges, leading to its current endangered status. Historically common and widespread, its numbers have dwindled primarily due to habitat loss and the detrimental impact of introduced predators like rats and possums, which pose a significant threat to their survival.

Efforts to conserve the Kōkako are underway, with initiatives led by the New Zealand Department of Conservation and various organizations. These include captive breeding programs and the establishment of predator-free zones, including offshore islands. These initiatives aim to safeguard and bolster the Kōkako population, helping to steer this species away from the brink of extinction.

The Kōkako's hauntingly beautiful song and unique presence make it an emblem of New Zealand's natural heritage. The ongoing conservation efforts not only highlight the importance of protecting this remarkable species but also underscore the broader need to preserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

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