Lord Howe Woodhen

About the Lord Howe Woodhen
Also known as: Lord Howe Island Woodhen, Lord Howe Rail, Lord Howe Island Rail, Lord Howe Island Wood Rail

The Lord Howe Woodhen, also called the Lord Howe Rail, is a small bird of the rail family. The Lord Howe Woodhen is flightless. The species is endemic to Lord Howe Island off of Australia.

Lord Howe Woodhens have dull brownish-olive plumage, and can be identified by their short tails and long, down-curved bills.

Lord Howe Woodhens are unfortunately threatened, like many of the endemic species found on Lord Howe Island. The Woodhens suffered greatly from the introduction of feral pigs to the island. The pigs and other non-native threats have been eliminated from the island, and the population for the species is estimated at 250 individuals.

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