Marabou Stork

About the Marabou Stork
Also known as: Undertaker Bird, Marabou

The Marabou Stork is a large bird, known for its bald head, long legs, and massive bill. Its body is covered with white and grey feathers, contrasting starkly with the black wings and tail. The bird's most distinctive feature might be its inflatable throat pouch, which is used in both thermoregulation and communication.

This species is commonly found across sub-Saharan Africa, thriving in both natural and human-altered environments. It is not uncommon to see Marabou Storks around landfills, wetlands, and lakes, where they scavenge for a wide variety of food ranging from carrion and scraps to fish, insects, and small mammals.

Marabou Storks are social birds, particularly noticeable in their communal nesting sites. They build large stick nests in trees, often very close to one another, forming breeding colonies. These storks play a vital role in their ecosystems by cleaning up carrion and waste, although their presence is often not welcomed by local human populations due to their somewhat unappealing appearance and habits.

Despite their benefits to the ecosystem, the Marabou Stork’s adaptability has enabled it to thrive in varied environments, facing fewer threats than many other bird species.

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