Pallas's Gull

About the Pallas's Gull
Also known as: Great Black-headed Gull
The Pallas's Gull is a very large species of gull native to parts of the Old World. They are migratory, spending the winter around the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Peninsula, and India. They breed in southern Russia and Mongolia.

Pallas's Gulls are among the largest gulls in the world. They are the largest black-headed gull and are known as the Great Black-headed Gull in some parts of the world. Only the Great Black-backed Gull and the Glaucous Gull are larger.

Pallas's Gulls feed on fish, including dead fish. They also prey upon insects, crustaceans, reptiles, other birds, and small mammals. This species is named after the Prussian naturalist Peter Simon Pallas.
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